Committees and Key Contacts

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Audit/Finance Tom West

Bookkeeping Liz McKersie

Club Gear Anna Buehler, Paul Hoffman

Club Manager Katie Donnelly

Coaching Jon Smith

Communications Seth Bauer

Community Outreach Courtney Forrester, Mary Kay Kenney

Flowers and Cards Lee Kraft

Garden and Grounds Roxanne Ferreiro, Laurie Kennedy

House Rob Ramsdell

Little Boats Cecile Tucker

Lockers Paul Shaw

Membership Kelly Pierce

Newsletter Seth Bauer

Nominating Cynthia Ingols

Rentals Katie Donnelly

Rowing Christine Collins

Social John Lambert, Cynthia Ingols

  • Libations John Greenup
  • Sunday Night Suppers Craig Lambert
  • Shandygaff Series Ken Smith
  • Sunday Brunch Series Michael and Maureen Corbett
  • Super Bowl Party Ken Smith, Anne Marie Biernacki