Parking at CBC

Parking at CBC is a limited resource. The parking area is not owned by the Club; it is owned by the Massachusetts DCR. Members are permitted to park directly in front of the Club and are required to have a Club parking sticker on the lower left rear window of the car. Due to the limited parking availability, each member (plus each family member included in the membership) is entitled to one parking sticker. Members may obtain stickers from the Club Manager at

There are important parking restrictions that must be followed by all members using the parking lot. DO NOT park in areas marked as fire lanes or on the grass. The State Police monitor these areas. If you park in a fire lane or on the grass, you risk being towed, as well as losing Club privileges. In addition, leaving these areas clear is a safety issue for all members and the public at large.

There are additional parking options across the street next to the American Legion Marsh Post and on Greenough Boulevard in front of the Buckingham Brown and Nichols School parking lot.

Wherever you park, pay attention to all posted parking restrictions.