COVID-19 Information

Here are the current protocols based on state restrictions, county health trends, and our concern for members' health.

1. Rowing Protocols

2. House Protocols

3. Volunteering Protocols

4. Social Events

Reporting Protocols (updated 11/15/2020)

These have been challenging times for everyone, and we have all been working very hard to return some sense of normalcy to life at CBC. THANK YOU for your continued support and cooperation throughout the last several months.

We have been compiling, interpreting, and enacting the guidance we receive from the state, city of Cambridge, CDC, USRowing, and other organizations. And even though the rowing year is winding down, CBC protocols for COVID-19 reporting remain a priority.

Response to a member reporting a positive COVID-19 test will vary based on the exposure and interaction of the affected member with other members at the boathouse. Here are a couple of scenarios.

If you are exhibiting symptoms, you should not come to the boathouse or the grounds. We recommend that you consult your physician. Additionally, if you are experiencing symptoms and have been at the boathouse within 3 days of symptom onset, please alert the President, Vice President, or Club Manager.

If you test positive for COVID-19 or if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, you should not come to the boathouse. Report your status to the President, Vice President, or Club Manager as soon as possible.

If you have questions about protocols, please contact Beth Mooney ( or Roberta Turri Vise (

For further information, please see CDC guidance here:

Anyone accessing the grounds or boathouse for any reason must be documented either on the rowing reservation sheet or by communication with the club manager. This step is required by the state to assist in contact tracing.

No guests are permitted on the premises, and masks must be worn at all times, even in the parking lot, per City of Cambridge regulations.

While we try our best to remain on top of the latest news and guidance, requirements are changing daily, so we recommend that you subscribe to the City of Cambridge daily updates: With our membership spanning many communities, this is a helpful resource for keeping up to date on regulations in Cambridge.

While we understand that having strict protocols in place can be frustrating, we very much believe that CBC has remained open and our community healthy because we have taken a conservative approach to reopening. As we move forward and look for ways to safely reopen the boathouse spaces, we will continue to ask for your understanding and cooperation—we will get through this together!