Rowing During COVID-19 Pandemic



These rules are based on our interpretation of state and local public health guidance and rowing best practices.

Please keep in mind that we have a diverse membership that includes many people who are at higher-risk of severe illness from COVID-19. We hope you will read this Protocol carefully and exercise your best judgment when following it. Our hope and expectation is that all members will abide by this Protocol to protect ourselves and one another. Let’s celebrate the end of 2020 together! We don’t want to but will, if necessary, limit access to the dock.

The RC continues to evaluate the effectiveness of our CBC COVID-19 Rowing Protocol. It may be necessary to make adjustments depending on member compliance and changes to federal, state, and local restrictions and other developments.

Questions? Concerns? Write to the Rowing Committee Chair, Christine Collins, at

Please follow these key guidelines to keep yourself, your family, and the CBC rowing community safe. A Boathouse monitor will be on site during the morning shift until August 17, then we will be working on the honor system..

  • Come to the boathouse only when you are well and avoid if you are exhibiting any symptoms typical of COVID-19or if, in the previous 14 days, you have had direct contact with a person who has been presumptively or actually diagnosed with COVID-19
  • “Get in, train, get out.”: Friendly waves are expected, but please do not linger or congregate on or outside Club grounds.
  • Maintain physical distance of 6 feet from other people while on CBC grounds
  • Wear face covering while on CBC grounds at all times and while launching and landing.
  • “Pack in, pack out” — Bring only what you need for your row, store it in a closable bag (e.g. drawstring), and bring it home when you leave
  • Limit touching to only what you have to while at the Club
  • Follow the boatyard traffic pattern ... enter through the de Moulin Gate and depart through the CRLS gate.
  • Wash your hands. Handwashing station set up at the Bay 4 spigot to wash hands upon entering the Club grounds and as otherwise needed

Before entering club grounds, you must attest that you are symptom free HERE

Wash Equipment: Using buckets with soapy water and hose, wash boats and oars thoroughly after each row. Three equipment washing stations (hose and buckets with soap and water) are placed adjacent to Bay 4, under the ramp, and in front of Bays 5-6.

The boathouse is closed except boat bays and shed: Limit of two people in a bay at any time. The port-a-potty is available on CBC grounds, so please plan accordingly, and do not enter any part of the boathouse except the boat bays.

Reservations required for boat access and contact tracing reasons: Sign-up for a rowing shift (and Club 1x or household 2x) on the Reservation Sheet. Reservations are available at this link:

Rowing Access Details

Four launching slots will be available every 10 minutes:

5:10 am — 10:30 am (last landing at 11:00 am), Monday to Sunday

4:00 pm — 5:00 pm (last landing at 6:30 pm), Monday to Friday

Timing Limits

Monday-Saturday 5:10-8:20 am: 90 minutes “hands on to hands off.” may enter 15 minutes prior to reservation and remain on site for 15 minutes after reservation

All other times: 120 minutes “gate to gate”

Sunday 5:10-12:00 pm

Monday to Saturday: 8:30 am- 12:00 pm

Number of Rows

Up to 1 row per day (= 7 rows per week max)

Making Reservations

Reservation Sheet allows reservations one week at a time; the next week’s page will be released by 8:00 p.m. on Sunday night.

Cancelling Reservations

If you can’t make your rowing shift, please cancel your reservation directly on the Rowing Reservation sheet as soon as you know you can’t make it.

Singles and Household 2xs only: Rowing private and Club 1xs and pre-approved household 2xs is permitted. Club 1xs will be stored on on their racks in the boat bays. Non-household 2xs and 4xs are not yet possible due to state-mandated social distancing requirements and space limitations.


Club and private oars may be stored in Bay 1

Post-Row Mileage Report: You may wish to keep track of your mileage by completing the Post-Row Mileage Report. The data in these Reports will be uploaded to the CBC logbook in the future.

Members only please: We aren’t able to allow guest access.


Most importantly, we hope you will have fun! We recognize this isn’t ideal but it is better than no rowing at all!


Day of Rowing

  • Complete Symptom Attestation prior to entering De Moulin Gate
  • Wearing facial covering, enter through the deMoulin gate.
  • Wash Hands. Proceed straight to the Bay 4 handwashing station. Wash your hands.
  • Oar storage: Private and Club oars may be stored in Bay 1.
  • Two people in a boat bay at a time. Boathouse remains closed. Portapotty available on site.
  • All Club boats are two to carry out of bay; may move Club boat from temp slings to water alone.
  • Temporary adjustment slings: May place boat on temp slings located in front of shed and Bay 6 to adjust prior to launching..
  • Follow land traffic pattern as you bring oars and reserved boat to dock. Launch off the upstream end of dock only, head upstream through Eliot bridge (not across river to Boston shore) to minimize congestion at the dock. Please take your shoes in your boat with you and do not leave any personal belongings on the dock.
  • Remove face covering after launching if desired..
  • When landing, approach towards downstream end of dock and land only when there are no more than four boats on the dock..
  • Wash equipment thoroughly: After landing, carry your boat and belongings to one of three boat and oar washing slings. Soap, water, scrub brushes and sponges are available by the slings. Wash the boat (cockpit, riggers, oarlocks, shoes, foot stretchers, seat, deck, and all deck and hull surfaces), oars (shaft and handles) and hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Return oars and boats to racks.
  • Please leave: Promptly exit through CRLS gate.

After your row, complete the Post-Row Mileage Report Form with the number of miles/km you rowed. This data will be uploaded to the logbook by RC. (Remember the 30 row rule has been waived for the 2019-2020 rowing year.)