Little Boats

Sessions for the Little Boats program are offered on select weekend mornings throughout the summer, enabling kids age five and older to experience rowing with adult supervision in specially designed little boats.

Kids learn by first being coached while the stern is held at the dock, then sculling while their boat is tethered to a rope. While on the rope, they learn to maneuver the boat: sculling, steering and backing, then practice sculling away from and backing to the dock. Once they can turn and back up accompanied by an adult they may scull without the rope. Several of the club’s experienced coach members volunteer their services to this program.

Stay tuned for further information about the schedule forgroup teaching sessions and individual sessions by appointment.

How you can get involved:

Help rehabilitate a wooden boat. Both boats are in need of some TLC, specifically caulking and painting.
Sign up to share the joy of sculling with the littlest CBC members. Anyone with coaching experience and a joy for working with children is welcome.
Donate a set of sculls that can be cut down to fit the rig of the little boats.

If you wish to get involved with this program or for more information on the program, please contact the Little Boats Committee